Hiwi Event Design For ultimate Event needs! 

I am Hiwot Workneh, an individual with a passion for creativity and event design. 

We truly believe in to making event industry as easy as it can be, sharing modern and trending designs, and inspire people everywhere. 

Good design and good relationships come from collaboration. 

We’re excited to start a online course, virtual meeting to learn about you, and make something beautiful together.

My Story

        Throughout my years in business, I’ve grown and learned from just about every experience. I’ve learned how to understand what my clients want and connect with them on a genuine, personal level. I’ve learned how to play by the rules and, more importantly, to grow with them entirely. I’ve learned how to keep myself cool when the stress is high, and how to deal with complex personal and corporate event. For me, producing weddings and events is about creating unforgettable experiences. In order to do that and stay inspired, I’m constantly seeking adventure in my personal life – exploring new destinations and fueling my own passion for the outdoors and design. I do that because I believe life is an experience, and I’m all about living it.

Our Believe

I believe that authenticity, passion, and a touch of excitement are the key ingredients to every successful event. I loves exceeding my client’s expectations at every turn, I enjoy invested in each and every client and event.

Feedback & Reviews

“No matter how good you think you are the people around you will have all kinds of ideas for how you can get better. So for me, the most fundamental thing about leadership is to have the humility to continue to get feedback and to try to get better.”
– Jim Yong Kim

Thank you so much for an incredibly beautiful balloon. It was so elegant and everything was perfectly matched. All our guests complimented it.

Jonathan Alvarez

Financial Manager at Acme

Honestly girls I can’t thank you enough for the effort you put into for my engagement party, it truly was magical and I had the great time. Thank you thank you!! xxxx

Russell Kennedy

Assistant Buyer at Globex

You are learning from bests with down earth personality. Thank You!

Helen Moti

Copywriter at 

What Can I Do for You?

You  want to throw your next party, or you want to start a new business, or grow your existing one. You want to shop unique party supplies, or rent party furnitures.

 We Are Here!

I’m here to help  you to plan your own party.

We help our clients dream to come to life. We walk you through step-by-step and we walk with you one-to-one until the last day of your special day. We will help you design, layout, and budgeting your own party the way you want it. 

I am here to help you to become your own boss. 

Our online courses are very helpful and easy to navigate. If you want to become an event professional, you’ll learn every important aspect to become one of the best. You’ll steal all the tips and tricks no one tell you before.

I can help you shop for your next event. 

We have a unique collection of  party supplies, preserved flowers, balloons and more in our store. We personalize Balloons, custom flowers, and fresh flower arrangement for pick up or deliver as your’s convenience. 

Need Advice?

We give free event consultation for people who would like all event. We will advice you about theme color or  budget.  If you have a dream to become your own boss, we would love to share our success stories and lift you up.